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You’ve thought of a great idea for a new product, business, or art project. You have everything coming together and you find the perfect icon set to use that matches so well with your preferred font. Then, you look at the price tag. It may be a few dollars or it may be hundreds. Design assets can get pricey! You do get what you pay for, most of the time. But, what are you supposed to do when you’re just starting out and need some extra oomph in your business plan? A search for “free design assets” often yields disappointing results.

Enter: Creative Market. As one of the largest online design communities and stores, Creative Market will likely have everything you’re looking for. From fonts and icons to Adobe Lightroom presets and Photoshop mockups, they’ve got it all. And luckily, the majority of their products are priced quite fairly.

However, even with their reasonable prices, some things may just be out of the budget. Not to worry! Creative Market offers free goods every week. By signing up for free, you’ll have access to 6 amazing, high-quality design assets each week. They also include an awesome variety of fonts, icons, print design, and everything under the sun, really.


The good news is, the rights on these free goods are the same as if you purchased them. Be sure to read the license of each individual product to understand when and where you can use them, but you’re not limited by the “free” aspect of this.

I am always eager to open my email every Monday and see the new free items that week. When something amazing comes along, it feels as though I’ve hit a jackpot. It’s especially exciting when I find something for a current project! Even if I find something I like that doesn’t fit a current need, I still download it and file it away for future use just in case I ever feel I need it.